SPACEAWARE.IE's work is focused on three key areas: Providing straight forward information on social etiquette, when returning to normal social life. Providing members of the trade a one stop shop for information and products to assist in the safe opening of their establishments and finally creating a platform for people to share information and suggestions of ways to improve the social scene, whilst ensuring safety is the primary focus.

SPACEAWARE.IE recognises the apprehension and anxiety experienced by both members of the public and members of the trade ahead of the June 29th date. 

This platform was created to ensure consumer confidence, provide advice to the trade, ensuring that issues relating to peoples physical and mental health are addressed, whilst striving to ensure sustainability in our hospitality sector.

If you are experiencing any form of social anxiety relating to the return of normal life post Covid-19 we are here to provide you with information to overcome these anxieties​.


Businesses all across the country have implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of their customers. These measures will come into effect


As a nation, social interaction is the norm of which we are renowned for globally. We must now explore new ways to maintain our culture whist respectfully observing the new social ettiquette.


As the country begins to reopen. It is important to understand that social anxiety will be normal, as we learn to adjust to a new norm in terms of socialising.