A warm welcome awaits you as bars, restaurants, hair salons, shops and many other businesses open their doors and slowly return to normal life in a positive and healthy way.

Businesses all across the country have risen to the challenge in meeting its collective responsibility of your continued health, safety, and enjoyment.

In collaboration with industry leaders and governing bodies, we have laid the foundation upon which to build the framework for the new code of conduct that is expected from patrons frequenting their favourite establishments.

We invite you the public to join in on this conversation as the post Covid society evolves. In the face of such adversity, it has never been more important to engage the power of our group minds in problem solving.

The laughter and the chat will remain the same.
Even with a bit of distance between us.

Here are a few of the measures taken to implement quality standards:

  • Staff training on all aspects of personal and client health & safety protocols

  • Antimicrobial protection film applied to frequently touched surfaces

  • Foot or forearm door opening options installed

  • Regular interval cleaning of all areas with additional focus on frequently touched surfaces, such as doors, tabletops, menus, condiments, credit card machines etc.

  • Correct cleaning of any surface area.

  • Staff and customer compliance with the social etiquette code of conduct

  • Noncompliance of said rules is deemed unacceptable and disrespectful of others

  • Contemporary and mobile protective barriers to quickly adapt tables to accommodate your party size

  • Electronic non touch hand sanitizing stations for use in common areas

  • A range of industry specific ppe equipment.


As a nation, social interaction is the norm of which we are renowned for globally. We must now explore new ways to maintain our culture whist respectfully observing the new social ettiquette.


As the country begins to reopen. It is important to understand that social anxiety will be normal, as we learn to adjust to a new norm in terms of socialising.